030 – Question and Answer with Eddie Salter

9 years ago

Question and Answer with Eddie Salter

A short while back on Facebook, I made mention that I was going to interview Eddie Salter for a Q & A style of episode of the show, and I asked if anyone had questions they would like to ask Eddie.

Well, several people responded and I have the answers to your questions in this week’s episode.

Listen to Eddie share his most recent successful turkey hunt and what made that hunt successful, when he would use a gobble call to locate turkeys, and how he likes to be thorough and aggressive with the turkeys he hunts.

Be sure to listen in next week as Chris Parrish shares turkey calling tips with us on Turkey Calling 101. Just a head’s up that there is more to the show than beginner turkey calling tips and info. Chris shares a lot of 300 level turkey calling info with us as well.


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