068 – Winter Turkey Hunting with Rob Keck

8 years ago
winter turkey hunting

Rob Keck, the current Director of Conservation and former CEO of the NWTF, in on today’s episode to discuss winter turkey hunting.

Winter turkey hunting is a new concept to me, and from some of the stories that Rob shares with us in this episode it is something that I will be getting more familiar with over the coming months.

Rob shares stories of encountering flocks of turkeys with 400 – 500 turkeys in it with “sub flocks” of up to 150 longbeards in them. Rob challenges these groups of mature Toms in them by making challenge purrs and gobbling. The rest of the story is something you’ll just have to hear for yourself.

Rob shares with us some of the states that have winter turkey seasons and how winter turkey hunting can compliment our spring turkey hunting as well.

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