075 – Wild Turkeys and the Appalachian Trail

8 years ago
wild turkeys and the Appalachian trail

Wild Turkeys and the Appalachian Trail

Brandon Jacob is a turkey hunter from Texas who is on a mission to help restore wild turkeys to eastern Texas.

Brandon is tackling a 5 month long thru hike on the Appalachian Trail. This hike has been on his bucket list for a long period of time, and Brandon decided that now is the time to take on the challenge.

Brandon wanted to do a little more than just hike the trail. He wants to do something to help support his passion and his home state.  Brandon has started a Go Fund Me account to raise money for relocation of wild turkeys into east Texas. 

Brandon has gotten the Texas Parks and Wildlife Division to match the contributions 3 to 1, so a $5 donation will result in a total of $20 being donated for the restoration of wild turkeys into east Texas.

Listen in as Brandon tells his story of how he wants to complete a lifelong goal and help restore wild turkeys in east Texas.

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