125 – Dissecting a Box Call with Bob Fulcher

7 years ago

Dissecting A Box Call with Bob Fulcher

This week, we are dissecting a box call with Bob Fulcher with Shadetree Callers.

Tune in to learn how the thickness of the walls and bottom of a call affect the sound of the call. We also talk about tuning box calls with a pocket knife, and the difference between a one piece box call and a laminate call. We talk about how the density of the wood affects the sound of a box call and whether or not we want a box call that is made 100% of the same type of wood. 

After we talk box calls and listen to the difference in some of the box calls that Bob makes at Shadetree Callers, we get to hear the story of Bob’s most recent successful turkey hunt and one or two of the things that made that hunt a success.

Listen in and learn about box calls when we start dissecting a box call.


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