016c: 3 Strategies for Afternoon Turkey Hunting

8 years ago
Afternoon Turkey Hunting

3 Strategies for Afternoon Turkey Hunting

Afternoon turkey hunting is often thought to be a waste of time; however, that thought process is wrong. If your state allows turkey hunting in the afternoon, then you should take to the woods in the afternoon in pursuit of a wild turkey. Afternoon turkey hunting can provide a great deal of excitement as the woods are often absent of hunters, and gobblers can often be lonesome and looking for love.

Afternoon turkey hunting is slightly different than morning turkey hunting. The gobblers often do not gobble as much in the afternoons, and that makes them harder to locate. The final afternoon turkey hunting strategy that I discuss in this episode is the sit and wait method of hunting turkeys.

This method is just what it sounds like – sitting in the woods and waiting on a gobbler to come by or come to your calling location. This strategy can be quite frustrating and boring if you don’t do your homework prior to getting into the woods. This part of episode 016 can help you to locate the right spot to set up for your afternoon sit and wait hunting ambush point so that you can fill a turkey tag and your freezer.


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