039 – Introducing Women to Turkey Hunting

9 years ago
Introducing Women to Turkey Hunting

Introducing Women to Turkey Hunting with Brenda Valentine

The number of women hunting and fishing is growing each year for great reasons. The same reasons why men have been hunting and fishing for years. The outdoors is an awesome place to spend the morning or afternoon, and enjoying the outdoors with a gun or rod and reel in hand makes that morning or afternoon even more awesome. More and more women are picking up on that fact each year, and they are also enjoying being part of the “Farm to Table” movement that has swept the country over the past several years.

Brenda Valentine, The First Lady of Hunting, shares information with us to help us introduce women, and new hunters, to the sport of turkey hunting. If we take care to introduce others to turkey hunting the right way, we will create turkey hunters for life, and Brenda goes over some of those tips that we can use to introduce others, especially women to the sport that we love so much.


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