085 – Summer and Fall Plantings for Wild Turkeys with Scott Bronkema

6 years ago
Summer and Fall Plantings for Wild Turkeys

In this episode, we are talking about summer and fall plantings for wild turkeys with Scott Bronkema, with Boneyard Seed, LLC.

Ensuring that the wild turkeys on your property have enough food to eat year round, will go a long way to helping to make sure that you have turkeys to hunt during the fall and spring seasons.

Chicory, chufa, peas, clovers, and grains are all great foods for turkeys and will not only help to draw turkeys onto your property but will help to keep them there. Before those seeds and grains are planted, making sure your soil is in ideal condition is critical to the success of your plantings. Another consideration for a great summer or fall food plot is proper fertilization as well.

Scott and I discuss all of the above this week, so please listen in.

Listen to this episode!


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