066 – Turkey Hunting Scenarios with Eddie Salter

8 years ago
Turkey Hunting Scenarios

Turkey Hunting Scenarios with Eddie Salter

Listen in to this week’s episode of The Turkey Hunter podcast as Eddie Salter explains how he would approach 6 different turkey hunting scenarios.

I describe 6 different turkey hunting scenarios that most of us have encountered over the years or we will encounter, and Eddie tells us how he would approach each hunt.  Eddie covers decoy setup, calling strategies, setup, and hunting strategies.  Basically, you’ll be taken on 6 different turkey hunts across the country, and you’ll learn how someone with over 40 years turkey hunting experience would approach these hunting scenarios.

This episode of the show along with my 101 Turkey Hunting Tips list will help you to have more success this coming spring.  To get my list of tips, just text “101tips” to 44222 and follow the instructions from there.  I’ll be sure my list of tips gets to you quickly.

Listen to this episode!


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