115 – Where Should I Turkey Hunt?

7 years ago
where should I turkey hunt

In this episode, I share a conversation that I had with Josh Pollock, who is a wildlife biologist in Utah, where I discuss turkey populations and my best chance for success on my upcoming hunt there.

I want to be sure I am setting myself and my hunting buddies up for the best chance for success, especially when preparing for a public land hunt. One of the best ways to do that is to ask the people who know the most about the land you’ll be hunting where you can find huntable birds. 

That is exactly what I do in this week’s episode. Early in the conversation with Josh Pollock, I ask what the chances of success are in Southern Utah, and the next thing I know he is telling me exactly where I should start in my search for birds. This type of assistance is exactly what we all are looking for when we are preparing for a public land hunt.

Listen in to hear some of the questions I ask Josh so you can write them down and ask the biologist or game warden who is over your favorite public hunting lands the same questions.

I also briefly discuss the upcoming NWTF Convention and Sports Show and my request for show topic ideas as well as the ongoing listener survey.

Listen to this episode!


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