070 – Turkey Hunting and Gun Safety

8 years ago

Turkey Hunting and Gun Safety

Blake Morris talks turkey hunting and gun safety when he shares the story of his hunting accident.

Blake was upland bird hunting in Kansas when he inadvertently loaded the wrong shotgun shell in his shotgun. The ensuing shot at a flying bird caused the gun barrel to split open and Blake lost his thumb in the accident.

Blake shares the story and some gun safety tips that we all need to keep in mind whether we are hunting wild turkeys or at the range sighting in our firearms.  Most of these tips are things that we have been taught before, but it never hurts to have a reminder in gun safety.

Listen in to this episode to hear the story of Blake’s hunting accident, some gun safety tips, and the story of Blake’s first turkey hunt after his accident where he tagged a very nice Eastern wild turkey.

Listen to this episode!


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