031 – Turkey Calling 101 with Chris Parrish

9 years ago

Turkey Calling 101 with Chris Parrish

In Episode 031 of The Turkey Hunter Podcast, 7 time Grand National Champion Turkey Caller Chris Parrish with Knight and Hale Game Calls shares his expertise of what specific turkey calls mean to turkeys and when to use those in your calling setups. Despite what the title of the show implies, Chris shares some 300 level turkey calling tips and information with us experienced hunters as well.

Chris demonstrates clucks, purrs, yelps, cackles, and cutts, and how we hunters can use those calls to bring in more gobblers and fill more turkey tags. Listen in to Chris’ tips this episode and keep practicing those turkey calls so that you’ll have more success this turkey season.

Next week, Jay Scott will be on the show to discuss turkey hunting the beautiful Gould’s turkeys in Mexico. If you want to complete a Royal Slam of turkeys, then you’ll have to harvest a Gould’s turkey, and Mexico is the place to do it. Tune in next week to learn more about the Gould’s subspecies of turkeys and how and where to hunt them.


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