Turkey Hunting Tips

You want it?  You got it!  Here we go…

– Scout for spring turkeys while deer and predator hunting in the late winter and early spring.

– When hunting pressured birds, do not tree yelp to a roosted gobbler.  He’ll stay in the tree for hours waiting on that hen he hears to come to him.

– The key to turkey hunting success is to be patiently aggressive.  You’ll get this eventually…

– Mix camo patterns between your pants and shirts.  Wear pants to match the forest floor and shirts that match the trees in your hunting area.

– Use an HS Strut Gun Rest that straps to your knee for comfortable one hand on gun waiting for that wary gobbler to come into range.

– To get a gobbler excited, vary the cadence and volume of your calling when he cuts you off responding to your call.

– Slow down!  Pay attention!  And listen when you are in the turkey woods, you’ll kill more and spook fewer turkeys.

– If you’ll carry a small pair of binoculars, in your turkey hunting vest or wear them on a strap that holds them to your chest, with you and use them while you are hunting, you’ll see more and kill more turkeys.

– Scratch in the leaves to mimic a hen, or hens, feeding or walking in the woods.

– When hunting hilly areas, try to get above a gobbling turkey before calling to him.  You’ll be harder to see, and you are somewhere the turkey naturally wants to go anyway.

– If you are hunting near a farm that has roosters, mimic the rooster’s crow to shock turkeys into gobbling.  A raspy diaphragm call will work perfectly.

– While we are on the subject of shock calls, don’t forget to owl hoot at any point during the day to shock a turkey into gobbling.

– Want another shock gobble tip?  A gobble tube, mouth call like The Gauntlet Gobble Call, or a two sided box call make excellent gobble sounds that will often shock another gobbler into responding.  Don’t try this one on public land, please.

– Use the variations in terrain to help you set up a little closer on a gobbling turkey.  You may surprise yourself at how close you can actually get to a bird by knowing and using the terrain.

Come back soon!  We are constantly adding more tips, tactics, and tricks to help you kill more turkeys

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