Episode 017: The Whiskey Turkey

9 years ago
whiskey turkey

The Whiskey Turkey

In this week’s episode, I share with you the story of the Whiskey Turkey told by my friend, Eric Harrell. Eric first met the Whiskey Turkey (as he affectionately named him) in early turkey season several years ago. The Whiskey Turkey proceeded to quickly haunt Eric’s every waking and sleeping moment because no matter what Eric did while hunting the Whiskey Turkey, the turkey was always one or two steps ahead of Eric.
Those of us who have been turkey hunting for many years know exactly what Eric went through, and for those of you who are new to the sport and have never encountered a “Whiskey Turkey” of your own… just wait! When it happens to you, and if you continue to hunt turkeys it will, you’ll completely understand having an animal possess your every thought for hours at a time. There is plotting and scheming, drawing pictures, researching Google Earth, consideration given to explosives, napalm, and nuclear weapons, and other outrageous means for taking a wild animal that are not completely ruled out until a calmer, more reasonable mind comes around.
To be possessed by a wild turkey is to truly know the meaning of a turkey hunting addiction. Once one of those birds get a hold of you, there is virtually no way to shake them from your mind other than to take him out of the population. When that does happen, you experience emotions ranging from shear giddiness to utter fear that you’ll never hear another turkey on your property for the rest of the season.
Listen in and enjoy Eric telling the story of the Whiskey Turkey and his roller coaster ride through the season chasing this turkey around the county. After listening to the Whiskey Turkey story, I’d love to hear if you have ever had a “Whiskey Turkey” experience like Eric had. Please leave comments below, and I hope you enjoy the show.


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