029 – Habits and Patterns of Wild Turkeys with Cuz Strickland

9 years ago

Habits and Patterns of Wild Turkeys

In episode 29 of The Turkey Hunter Podcast, Cuz Strickland with Mossy Oak shares some of his thoughts about the habits and patterns of wild turkeys in the Spring.

In order to have a great deal of success while turkey hunting, knowing your quarry is very important. There are not many animals in the US more “wild” than a wild turkey, so knowing what they are going to do at any given point on any given day is nearly impossible. With that being said, wild turkeys do have a few habits and patterns that we hunters can use to help fill a tag with a delicious wild turkey.

Cuz shares some early, mid, and late season habits and patterns that we can use to help us have more success while turkey hunting this Spring.

Also in this episode, Chris Parrish with Knight and Hale Game Calls helps to answer a question asked by Chris Morris in this week’s “Ask the Turkey Hunter” segment.

Be sure to tune in next week, when I have a question and answer session with The Turkey Man, Eddie Salter.


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