054b – Dissecting a Pot and Peg Turkey Call

9 years ago
dissecting pot and peg wild turkey calls

Dissecting a Pot and Peg Turkey Call

Pot and peg turkey calls seem like very simple instruments, but there are so many variables that go into making one that affect the sound quality of that call.

This is part 2 of an interview that I did with Adam Prouty of Prouty Game Calls and Brent Rogers, a friend of the show. In this part of the interview, Adam shares with us the functional differences between 1 and 2 piece strikers and he gives us a few weatherproof pot and peg call combinations so we can still make turkey sounds while it is pouring rain.  Adam also shares the story of his most recent successful turkey hunt and one or two things that helped to make that hunt a success.

Listen in and enjoy part 2 of Dissecting a Pot and Peg Turkey Call. 

Listen to this episode!


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