104 – Tricking Out the New Turkey Hunting Shotgun

8 years ago
tricking out the new turkey hunting shotgun

I recently bought a new shotgun, and I’m now ready to turn that new shotgun into a new turkey hunting shotgun.

There are some very simple and inexpensive modifications that one can make to a shotgun to turn it into a dedicated turkey hunting shotgun.

Some of the modifications I am making to this gun are replacing the wooden stock with a lightweight synthetic stock, adding rifle sights to the barrel, adding spacers to the stock for proper fit, a new recoil pad, sling swivel tube cap, a neoprene sling, and of course a turkey choke.

Listen in as I talk about the upcoming modifications and my reasons for making those mods. This will be an ongoing short term project, and I will be recording follow up episodes to cover new information as I weed through shotgun shell and turkey choke combinations to find the perfect shooting one for this gun.

Listen to this episode!


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