114 – Be a Better Turkey Hunter in 2017

7 years ago
be a better turkey hunter

In this episode, I ask you to help me help you be a better turkey hunter in 2017. 

You can help me help you in 2 ways.

First, email me at andy at iamturkeyhunting with one idea or suggestion for a show topic. Your suggestion can be very specific or very general.  It doesn’t matter.  Your suggestion should be what you want or need help with or want to learn more about that will help you to be a better turkey hunter this coming season.

The second favor is to complete a short survey for me. You can access the survey by texting “helpandy” to 44222. Once you do this, you will receive a text asking you to reply with only your email address. After you reply with your email address, you will receive an email from me containing the link to the survey. Answer the quick 10 question survey, and then you are done.

The survey will help me to get to know you better by asking what I can do to help you more and to improve the show as well.  Your participation in the survey will be greatly appreciated.

The only other thing I ask of you in this week’s episode is to have a safe and happy New Year! 

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