123 – Early Season Turkey Hunting Strategies with Ernie Calandrelli

7 years ago
early season turkey hunting strategies

Early Season Turkey Hunting Strategies with Ernie Calandrelli

Ernie Calandrelli joins me this week to discuss early season turkey hunting strategies. 

Early season in the turkey woods can be a tale of two seasons. The big dominant Toms are busy tending to their harem of hens; and, in doing so, more often than not are unwilling to respond and come into our calling.  The subordinate, or satellite Toms, are looking for love in all the wrong places, and they will often run over us to get to that “hen” that they think is begging for attention.

In saying that, for us hunters, early season turkey hunting consists of days that are really good and days that are really bad, with the majority of our days being the latter.

When dealing with early season turkeys, we can do certain things to increase the odds of being successful. 

One of those strategies we can try is to mock the boss hen and try to get her angry enough to come into our setup to fight that hen that is trying to tell her and the other turkeys in the area what to do.

Ernie and I discuss that strategy as well as other early season turkey hunting strategies in this week’s episode.

Listen in and be sure to leave a comment to let me know what your favorite, and most successful, early season turkey hunting strategy is.

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