Episode 016b: 3 Strategies for Afternoon Turkey Hunting

10 years ago
Afternoon Turkey Hunting

3 Strategies for Afternoon Turkey Hunting

The spot and stalk method of turkey hunting can be a very effective method for filling a turkey tag while hunting in the afternoon. In the afternoons, turkeys can often be spotted in crop or fallow fields, food plots, and openings in the timber from hilltops, roads, or just slipping up to the edge of a field. Once spotted, the next step is to put together a plan of approach for that turkey.

There are certain tips that can help you to be successful in these situations, like using the wind to your advantage, getting ahead of the turkeys, and adjusting your calling strategies to the situation, that can help you to be more successful. I cover these tips in this episode so that you can have more success in the turkey woods this Spring.

I hope you enjoy part 2 of Episode 016. Please tune in next week for part 3 of Episode 016, where I will discuss another effective method of killing a turkey in the afternoon which is to sit and wait.


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