016a: 3 Strategies for Afternoon Turkey Hunts

8 years ago
Afternoon Turkey Hunting

3 Strategies for Afternoon Turkey Hunts

We’ve all been on early and mid morning turkey hunts that didn’t produce any action, and we’ve had to eat tag soup for lunch. Just because the morning hunt was slow, it doesn’t mean we have to eat tag soup for dinner. If your state allows you the opportunity to hunt turkeys in the afternoon, then you should definitely take advantage of that opportunity. Afternoon turkey hunts can be quite different than those morning hunts that we all love so much.
In this episode of The Turkey Hunter Podcast, I will share with you 3 strategies for afternoon turkey hunts. This is a 2 part episode. In part 1, I share the afternoon Run n Gun strategy, which varies a little bit from the mid morning Run n Gun strategy in that you are going to be a little more conservative with your attempts to spark a turkey into gobbling.
Turkeys typically do not gobble as much and are not as responsive to calling in the afternoon; and, therefore, afternoon turkey hunts are typically not as productive as morning hunts. However, if you have a tag to fill, then you need to get in the woods in the afternoon and try these strategies.


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