023a: Booking an Outfitted Turkey Hunt with Jerick Henley

9 years ago
Outfitted Turkey Hunts

Booking an Outfitted Turkey Hunt with Jerick Henley

In episode 023, Jerick Henley with Chain Ranch Outfitters in Kansas and Oklahoma shares tips and tricks to have the most satisfaction with outfitted turkey hunts.

Most of us do not have the luxury of traveling the country on all expenses paid turkey hunting adventures for the two and a half months of turkey season, but we still want to occasionally go on an out of state turkey hunt to attempt to complete our Grand Slam or just to look at some different trees and turkeys. Hunting public land is not always the best option to maximize the opportunities available with time that we can allot towards a “turkey vacation.”

Booking an outfitted turkey hunt can often give us the best opportunity to harvest a wild turkey on a short trip to unfamiliar lands since the hunting is typically done on private, often less pressured, lands with someone who knows the habits and patterns of the birds residing on that property.

The problem that most of us have when booking outfitted turkey hunts is that we don’t know the best way to book that hunt, and we sometimes end up with an unsatisfactory result from our trip. Either we have an unfilled tag, have to sleep in the back seat of our truck, or show up to hunt with an outfitter who has skipped town with our money.

These issues can be avoided by doing your due diligence and following some simple steps, and Jerick helps us with that in this episode.

Be sure to tune in to part 2 of episode 23 next week as Jerick will tell us the best time and best way to approach an outfitter who is not living up to your expectations, how much to tip the camp cook, and how much to tip your guide.


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