067 – Bowhunting Wild Turkeys with Lynne Frady

8 years ago
bowhunting wild turkeys

Bowhunting Wild Turkeys with Lynne Frady

In this episode, Lynne Frady with Team Frady and Mathews bows pro staff shares information with us about bowhunting wild turkeys.

Lynne talks about minimizing movement while drawing the bow, using decoys, the effective bow range for a turkey, broadheads, minimal draw weights, and shot placement.

She shares her thoughts about how crucial shot placement is when bowhunting wild turkeys because the vitals in a turkey are so small. A well placed arrow means the difference between a dead turkey and a wounded turkey that a hunter may not recover.

This is a great episode that I really learned a lot from.  Listen in and let us know your thoughts in the comments section after you hear the show.

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