Episode 006 Part 3: Trapping Wild Turkey Predators

10 years ago

The Turkey Hunter Podcast

In this episode, Trent Masterson, who is very involved with the National Trapper’s Association, shares with us how to increase the wild turkey population on our hunting property by trapping nest predators and poult and adult wild turkey predators. Trent is a professional trapper who has years of experience trapping animals for removal from farms and ranches as well as trapping for the fur market. Trent discusses the best baits to use and the best places to set traps for the different types of predators. Trent shares with us some of the tips and tricks he uses when he is hired to trap wild turkey predators on ranches.

If you are interested in hiring Trent to trap predators on your property, Trent can be reached via email at trent_masterson@hotmail.com.

Be sure to look out for upcoming episodes on hunting public lands and how to cook that wild turkey that is in your freezer.


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