020b – The Breeding Cycle of Hens with Bob Eriksen with the NWTF

8 years ago
breeding cycle of hens

The Breeding Cycle of Hens with Bob Eriksen with the NWTF

In this episode of The Turkey Hunter Podcast, Bob Eriksen, who is a wildlife biologist with the NWTF, shares his knowledge of the breeding cycle of wild turkey hens and gobblers.

Bob tells us what activities that we need to avoid on our properties while hens are nesting.  Many times, land owners and managers can destroy nests and even kill hens who are sitting on those nests by doing certain things when hens are nesting.  Oftentimes, hens that have their nests destroyed will renest, but that is not always successful for them.

He also shares the actions that we can take on our properties to improve nesting success.  Hens can nest almost anywhere; however, some habitats are better for nesting than others.  We, as land managers and owners, can perform certain management techniques that can actually enhance the nesting habitat.  Logging, burning, and other techniques can help improve the numbers of turkeys on our properties.

Bob shares his knowledge of what makes certain habitats more suitable for brood rearing success.  Bunch grasses and native warm season grasses are wonderful areas for hens to ensure that her hens have enough food to eat and cover for protection from predators.

Listen in to all of the very informative details of my interview with Bob Eriksen with the NWTF, and learn more about the breeding cycle of wild turkeys so you can be the best turkey hunter you can be.


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